Electronic Signature and Document Workflow Automation. What is Important?

BY Admin  |  2023-02-20


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The powerful combination of digital signature software with workflow automation means most business processes can be fully automated and repeatable – without the need for manual steps.

Document workflow automation with e-signatures can save hundreds of hours per year. If you (or your organization) still create(s) documents and agreements from scratch and manually forward(s) them to the next signer, it might be time for an upgrade.

Any registered user can create a new document based on a preset template, which only requires entering a few key details into a form. When it’s ready to be signed, the document is automatically sent to the other person, and to each subsequent person once a signature is received.

Businesses around the world are aiming at improving their speed to satisfy demand and delight customers. The ability to generate electronic signatures is a critical component that goes a long way toward improving processes, boosting efficiency, and keeping business moving forward.

In this blog, you’ll learn how eSignature optimizes document workflow automation for teams and businesses of all sizes.

What is an eSignature?

Electronic signatures are a method for validating electronic documents as authentic. Whether you’re a recipient or a signer, electronic document signing is easier than ever.

eSignature and API solutions like CloudSign make it easy to create and personalize an online signature from any desktop or mobile device. But that is not all. Implementing digital workflows produces a repeatable, scalable process and establishes best practices for every business document.

With e-signature software you can:

  • Send and sign documents anytime and anywhere
  • Save time and hassle by streamlining document workflows
  • Reduce document errors and collect signatures quicker
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a pleasant signing experience
  • Keep your data safe and secure.

eSignature software — an essential tool for your digital transformation

Using electronic documents and eSignatures saves time, money, and resources. It eliminates the need to print, scan, mail, and wait to receive a wet ink signature. eSignature plays an important role in the digitalization of teams and businesses.

Let’s look at how eSignature improves your document workflow automation.

1. Create documents faster with templates

Not every document needs to be unique. In fact, it’s usually better if you choose speed. The right document automation workflow system will provide you with a large library of document templates (such as Statement of Work (SOW), Non-Disclosure Agreement, Nonprofit event budget approval requests, legal engagement contracts, employment contracts, etc.), allowing you to customize a few key fields.

2. Manage document distribution for signatures

The right digital document management system can send standardized electronic documents to hundreds of recipients at once, while also allowing you to authenticate each user.

Furthermore, each document will have its own data record of each step of the process, from opening to signing. And once the signing process is finished, a copy of the final document will be sent automatically to each recipient and stored internally.

3. Add platform integrations

CloudSign is set up to seamlessly integrate with dozens of useful applications and systems. This can drastically reduce the time spent chasing down signatures and fulfilling other tasks.

4. Improve digital document management

In addition to the above, e-signature also can be used to organize digital documents, which helps in easy access, editing, and sharing. Apart from reducing the need for paper, it also helps in preventing paper loss, thus, keeping records safe.

5. Send automatic reminders

With CloudSign, you can set up automatic reminders for signers and get real-time signature notifications. No more need for manually created e-mails. Recall unsigned documents and documents sent out in error and set expiration limits on documents.

With these 5 functionalities in place, you will have more time to move mountains, while also optimizing your paperwork at maximum.

Wrapping Up

It’s no secret digital transformation positively impacts team productivity, efficiency, customer experience, and boosts workplace performance.

In the past, forms that required multiple signatures needed someone physically carrying or messengering, mailing the document to the next party to sign, or required each person to print, sign, scan, and email the form to the next party. Getting a document that needed multiple signatures signed could take days or weeks, but not anymore.

eSignature solutions empower organizations and teams to improve their effectiveness and productivity – from legal teams creating NDAs to nonprofits streamlining volunteer forms.

eSignature workflows reduce document lifecycles, speed up document completion, and eliminate manual errors while repeating tasks.

In this article, we have learned about 5 ways in which e-signature software boosts document workflow automation.

By tapping into the power of workflow automation, you’re creating smarter, faster sales processes that get your team performing at its best.

Learn more about CloudSign.

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