Hidden Growth Opportunities that can be Unlocked with E-signature API. 5 Ways

BY Admin  |  2023-02-23


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More and more countries are legally allowing the use of the e-signature solution and API to help organizations manage their documentation quickly and efficiently, without risking the loss of data and other unwanted challenges.

An eSign API is a convenient way for businesses to get eSignatures smoothly and with minimal friction.

APIs (application programming interfaces) serve as software intermediaries that enable data transmission while also making it possible to seamlessly integrate multiple software applications into enterprise platforms, websites, or CRM systems.

A common example of API usage is when businesses offer the option of paying with PayPal on their website or application. An API is at work when customers click to complete their transaction with this payment method.

When delivered through APIs,

And, of course, both of them are a huge gain for businesses’ customer experience and productivity.

Nowadays, the question is not whether your organization should adopt an eSignature solution. But it is rather: which eSignature solution can improve both your team-to-customer experience and your team-to-team efficiency all at once?

Among other benefits of using a ready-to-use e-signature API we cannot but mention:

  • Saving time and money on the development process.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Industry-leading compliance with international laws and security standards.
  • Access to documentation and support.
  • More time for priority tasks and projects.

How does an API work?

Implementing an eSignature API, such as the CloudSign API, is becoming the go-to option for businesses of all sizes that want a flexible integration of e-signatures into the apps they use on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at the 5 key features of a good e-signature API that generates growth.

1. Creating embedded workflows

So many businesses still prioritize their processes over their customers’ experience. And this is a huge mistake. Efficient internal processes and customer experience don’t have to be diametrically opposed.

When you use the CloudSign API, you can have it all for you and your customers, and no technical knowledge is required. Customers sign documents directly on your website or app, safely and securely, following the instructions provided, while your team avoids most of the paperwork.

That makes their lives easier, and that, in turn, improves your chances of converting.

2. Faster processes with templates

CloudSign API bulk request sending is the helping hand you needed.

Now your only action is uploading your document template and a list of recipients, and the API bulk send feature will distribute a customized document to every signer. Up to 200 individuals with the click of a button.

This not only saves hours of repeatable data entry, email-writing, and time spent chasing for signed documents but also allows your teams to concentrate on what’s essential while taking much of the workload off the IT department’s shoulders.

3. Tracking signing statuses

No more need for guessing - e-signature API offers real-time notifications and updates.

Knowing exactly where a candidate or prospect is at in the signing process gives you an insight into whether they might need to send a push or just need a couple of more minutes to wait.

Status notifications are automatically sent out when someone opens a document, signs a document, and hasn’t signed a document within the preset time.

Having the entire signing process visible is of great help to your HR and sales teams.

4. Ready-to-go solution

It’s not about whether your team could build an eSignature tool or app - It’s rather about whether it’s worth their effort.

Nowadays, there’re already expertly built solutions on the market, controlled by dedicated teams of experts in eSignature technology, security, and compliance. Those professional teams put their entire focus on keeping the technology up to date with legal changes and new functionality requirements.

With CloudSign’s API, you get a complete eSignature tool embedded right into your website and app.

5. Benefits for brands

CloudSign API puts the brand you’ve worked so hard at in the center of every customer or new hire’s entire signing experience.

You have the power to fully customize the platform: change colors and copy, modify fonts, remove the taglines, and add your own native logo. Branding is the key.

Wrapping Up

You may not even realize it, but you likely engage with various APIs each day. Popular applications like Facebook, Gmail, PayPal, and Twitter utilize APIs to smoothly enable various functions that you rely on. The interface may be viewed as a service contract between two programs.

Developers use eSignature APIs to seamlessly send and sign documents saving time and reducing the effort for everyday tasks and, thus, adding on growth opportunities for your business.

CloudSign eSignature API can be implemented to automate the signing process in seconds.

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Hidden Growth Opportunities that can be Unlocked with E-signature API. 5 Ways

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